Wuxi clarence international trading co., Ltd, is a high-tech company specializing in international market, research and development various kinds of metallurgical heat treatment equipment (Cover the non-ferrous and ferrous metal industry), company use science and technology as the guide, gather various talents in the industry, introduce and absorb the latest international technology idea for design and manufacture, professional design, produce various kinds of metallurgical heat treatment automatic production line, large gas furnace. We are already provide many complete sets of production line to the international market.


The main product of the company:


Industrial furnace: Heating or heat treatment walking beam furnace, Pusher furnace, Soaking furnace,Tunnel furnace, Chamber furnace, Protective atmosphere furnace, Electric muffle furnace, Steel pipe walking beam tempering production line, Steel pipe bright heat treatment furnace, Spheroidizing furnace,Plate normalizing furnace, Aluminum melting furnace, Round heating furnace, Trolley furnace, Bell-type bright annealing furnace, Roasting furnace, Carburizing furnace, Nitriding furnace, Multi-purpose furnace, Roller hearth furnace, Mesh belt furnace, Roller furnace, Bell type furnace, Rotary hearth furnace, Pit type furnace, etc.


Plate processing: Cold rolling production line, Hot-dip galvanizing production line, Galvalume production line,Annealing production line, Color coating production line, Hot-dip tinning production line, Tension leveling production line, Slitting production line, Pickling production line, Degreasing production line,Galvanized structural parts production line, Automation control systems.


Pipe processing: Perforation unit, Straightening Machine, Crosscut unit, Slitting machine, Cold bed.


Company produces various types of gas, oil conventional burner, Regenerative burner, Efficient self-preheating burner, all kinds of special valves, Intelligent dynamic atmosphere control device and electrical automation control system, Software development, due to its excellent value for money, it has been the adoption choice by many design institutes and professional company, it has become a well-know product.