Color coating production line

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Color coated plate normally refers to the product of cold rolled or galvanized plate, whose surface is pretreated (degreasing,phosphorization or passivation), then coated (or rolling printed) a layer of dye and dried up, of whose character can be machined directly.

Equipment parameter:

  1. Raw Material:common or galvanized plate

  2. Strip width: 600~1500 mm.

  3. Strip thickness: 0.15~1.5mm

  4. Coil outer diameter: φ800~2000mm

  5. Process speed: 25~150m/min

  6. Coat thickness: upper side coat thickness: 5~25μm

       Down side coat thickness: 5~15μm

  7. Production capacity: 50~200 thousand tons per year

  8. Energy type: electricity, natural gas, LPG, coal gas and etc.


Due to the features of high intensity, high corrosion resistance, easy machining performance and rich color options, etc, it’s broadly applicable to the industries of civil construction, communication, light industries, home appliance, automobile and so on, particularly in civil construction industry, plants, relocatable houses, doors and windows have considerable demands of the plate.