Tension Leveler Line

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The main types of tension leveling mill include single bend single rectifying, dual bends dual rectifying and dual bends single rectifying, etc, which shall be selected according to the production processes and material varieties.Due to a strict flat straightness requirement by annealed plate, tension leveling process is indispensable of complete straightness steel plate production. When steel strip passing through tension leveling mill and being leveled, a better shape will be obtained, besides, the yield point elongation removed and belt steel mechanic performance improved.

Technical Parameters:

1)  Raw material:annealed strips of low carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel;

2)  Steel strip width:500-1250mm;

3) Steel strip thickness:0.10-1.5mm;

4)  Coil ID (uncoiler):φ508/φ610mm;

5) Coil ID (coiler):φ508/φ610mm;

6) Design processing speed of line:MAX50-350m/min

7) Extending rate:0.5~2.0%;

8)  Finished product weight:Max20000Kg/coil;