Rotary hearth furnace

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Rotary hearth furnaces are widely applied to:
Heat steel pipes and spindles before rolling
Heat and thermal process billets and moulds before forging

Fuel:natural gas, LPG, water gas and coke oven gas


Furnace characteristics

1) Ring furnace is suitable for heating pipes which are diverse in diameters and lengths.It is easy to change the heating system according to pipe specifications.

2) Pipes are layed out interval on the bottom of the furnace so that the pipes are heated from three sides,shortly,uniform and  in high quality.

3) The pipes turn around with the furnace bottom, that is to say there is no relative movement between them.

4) The internal furnace could be empty or put a part unload area. It is easy to change pipes specifications.

5) Pipes are loaded and unloaded automatically and flexibly.


Technical characteristics

1) Meet the requirements of high yield, quality and little oxidation

2) Suitable for diverse heating systems and structures according to different steel grades

3) Low consumption and energy saving

4) High automatization grade and easy maintenance