Walking beam furnace

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Technical characteristics

1) Variety of materials can be heated, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, etc;

2) Stepping machine adopts the roller skew table, electric eccentric wheel and crank connecting rod type;

3) Equipped with a variety of self-developed burner, with high combustion efficiency, low NOx emission characteristics;

4) Using self-developed efficient preheater and regenerative burners, full recovery of exhaust heat;

5) Combustion control using continuous proportional control or pulse control;

6) Using self-developed computer-controlled furnace model;

7) Perfect automation control system;

8) New type of energy conservation and environmental protection Equipment;

9) Used for diameterΦ60-200mm, length≤15m, thickness 6-20mm steel pipe tempering and normalizing;

10) Using gas furnace heating;

11) Quenching using the outside shower inside spray, pressure roller pressing and rotating quenching, steel pipe has good straightness after quenching.