Annealing furnace

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Technical characteristics

1) Set heat recovery system, make full use of flue gas waste heat to save energy;

2) Push-pull type combustion system to ensure the stability of the air-fuel ratio control, contribute to energy conservation;

3) Adopts the low NOx burner, NOx emissions below the European standard, help protect the environment;

4) Furnace roller using the optimal design of the crown;

5) Equipped with few set of correction roller, control the centering running of the strip;

6) Continues tension detection and control for the strip in the furnace, to ensure the stable running of the strip;

7) Inside the furnace adopts insulating refractory fiber with stainless steel plate cover, reduce the thermal inertia of the furnace, ensure clean steel heating;

8) The use of advanced and reliable automatic control system, will help improve the quality of the product heating, ensure safe production and energy saving;

9) L1/L2 automatic control system;

10) Advanced furnace combustion control technology;

11) New type of energy conservation and environmental protection equipment.