Hot-dip galvanizing production line

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Hot dip (or hot) galvanizing is the processing technique to dip the pretreated base substance of carbon steel into melted liquefied zinc to obtain a protective zinc coat. Due to its good anti-corrosion performance, galvanized plate is vastly applied into the industries of home appliance, decoration, advertisement, and civil construction, etc. Particularly, the home appliance industry (outer shell of air conditioner,  outer shells of washing machine, computer, and microwave oven, etc) has large demands on galvanized and color coated plates. According to the traditional methodology, galvanization can be sorted into United States Steel Corp and Sendzimir 2 methods.


Equipment parameter

1) Plate material: cold rolling carbon structural steel, high quality carbon structural steel and low alloy steel

2) Strip width: 600~1500 mm

3) Strip thickness: 0.15~3.5mm

4) Coil outer diameter: φ800~2000mm

5) Process speed: 80~200 m/min

6) Energy type: electricity, natural gas, LPG, coal gas, steam, compressed air and etc

7) Coating type: normal spangle, small spangle, non spangle, skin pass spangle

8) Coating thickness: 50~300 g/m2(double side)

9) Post coating treatment: skin pass, tension level, passivation and oiler

10) Continuous annealing furnace: horizontal/ vertical/ L type